Installing A Walk-In Bathtub In Your Home

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During a bathroom remodeling project, upgrading the tub can be an important step in the process. While there are many choices that are available when choosing a new bathtub, walk-in tubs may not be one of the options that people may fully consider, but they can be an effective option for many bathroom remodeling projects.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Choosing Walk-In Bathtubs?

One of the most important benefits that can come with choosing a walk-in bathtub is that it will be easier for individuals with mobility issues to enter and exit the bathtub. Without this option, these individuals may have to raise their legs fairly high, which can cause them to lose their balance and fall. Not surprisingly, this upgrade can be essential for seniors and older individuals that wish to keep their homes safe. To reduce the need to sit low to the ground, these tubs can be equipped with a bench that makes it far more accessible for those that have challenges with sitting low to the ground.

Will A Walk-In Tub Be Prone To Leaking?

It is easy for a person to assume that a walk-in bathtub will be far more prone to developing leaks that could cause extensive damage to the interior of the home. In reality, these bathtubs are extremely resistant to leaking as the doors are designed to interlock in a way that will make it difficult for water to leak out or for the door to accidentally open while there is water in the tub. To further mitigate the risk of leaks developing, these doors will have a high-quality gasket that will make a watertight seal between the door and the tub. Due to these design qualities, the risk of the door spilling water out onto the floor will be extremely small.

Are Walk-In Bathtubs Compatible With Showering?

Some people might assume that a walk-in tub will only be suitable for bathing. However, these tubs can also be compatible with traditional shower systems. Additionally, walk-in tubs are commonly equipped with handheld showers so that individuals will be able to easily shower without having to stand on the slippery floor the entire time. To make it easy to adjust the temperature of the showerhead, the temperature controls for the shower will be situated close to the bench that is built into the shower. These features can make this an ideal option for those with mobility problems that prefer the speed and efficiency of showering over a full bath.


26 August 2021

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