Factors That Will Influence The Size Of Bathroom Vanity You Buy

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It's easy to be focused on the specific features that bathroom vanities offer, such as their look, the type of storage that they offer, and even the shape of their sink. It's important, however, that you give ample consideration to the size of the vanity that you're going to buy. You don't want to end up with a vanity that is too small, nor will you be happy with a vanity that is too large for your bathroom. There are a number of factors that will influence the size of the bathroom vanity that you buy, and keeping all of these topics in mind will help you to make the right choice.

Size Of The Space

Perhaps the most important factor that will affect the size of bathroom vanity that you buy is the amount of size that you have available in the bathroom. If you're replacing an old vanity, you don't automatically need to buy a new vanity with the same measurements. In this scenario, assess whether the size of the old model suited your needs. For example, if it lacked counter space, a larger one is warranted. Or, if you always bumped into the corner of it because your bathroom is small, you might opt for a smaller vanity.

Complexity Of Your Morning Routines

You might not immediately think to assess your morning routine, but this is important when you're shopping for a new vanity. Think about how long you and your significant other spend in the bathroom each morning. If one of you is the type of person who does her makeup for half an hour or more and uses a number of different cosmetic products, a larger vanity can be ideal. It will not only provide adequate storage for these products but also offer the counter space to set them out during use. Conversely, if neither of you has a complicated morning routine, a smaller vanity can work.

Your Personal Schedules

The schedules that you and your significant other have can also influence what size of vanity you buy. If you both get up at the same time and use the bathroom at the same time so that you can leave the house together, you may want something large. On the other hand, if each of you uses the bathroom individually — perhaps because your work schedules are significantly different — a smaller vanity may be adequate. Think of each of these factors to ensure that you buy the right size of vanity.


13 February 2020

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