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As your kitchen renovation nears completion, you might get a little less picky about everything. Instead of carefully evaluating your needs and shopping around for the perfect appliance, you might zero in on the cheapest version. However, kitchen appliance manufacturers have fine-tuned the art of making a meal, holding leftovers, and cleaning up afterwards, which can make your job easier than ever. Here are a few cutting edge kitchen appliance features you might love:


Don't assume that all of those stainless steel refrigerators are alike. These days, your refrigerator can help you to keep every food item in your fridge the perfect temperature, without compromising efficiency and convenience. Here are a few great refrigerator features you should look for:

  • Four Doors: Every time that refrigerator or freezer opens, cold air rushes outside and your appliance has to accommodate for the heat loss. But what if you just need to grab a gallon of milk or that stick of butter? To preserve your groceries and your energy bill, some manufacturers offer refrigerators with four doors instead of two. These models contain an upper and lower door for both the refrigerator and freezer side, so that you can keep cold air where you need it.
  • Smaller Varieties: If you are making the switch to a tiny, more efficient living space, it might be hard to find a refrigerator that can accommodate your needs. However, some manufacturers are focused on providing refrigerator models that won't take up as much space in your kitchen. To make the most of the inside of the refrigerator, manufacturers have cut out the clutter to improve storage capacity.   
  • Sparkling Water Dispensers: Who wants to drive to the grocery store for sparkling water every time they want an Italian soda or a cocktail? If you love the fizz of carbonated water, you might be thrilled to hear that some refrigerators come along with a separate sparkling water dispenser. By adding CO2 canisters, new refrigerators can infuse your drinks with a spritz of sparkling water whenever you want. 

Before you head to the store or a place like Budget Appliance to shop for a new refrigerator, take the time to measure the opening in your kitchen as carefully as possible. Don't forget to measure the depth allowance, since some new varieties are much larger front to back than older models. Taking this extra step will help you to keep your fridge from jutting out and limiting your floor space. 


Your brand new refrigerator won't be the only thing you will want to show off when friends come to check out your updated kitchen. Here are a few new features you might notice as you shop for a dishwasher:

  • Soil Sensor: In the olden days, dishwashers would run the same length of time regardless of how clean the dishes inside really were. Unfortunately, this antiquated cycle type wasted loads of water and energy—increasing costs. However, some new dishwashers contain a soil sensor, so that they can tell how dirty your dishes are and stop when they are clean. These devices work by monitoring the water cleanliness with a closed-loop feedback sensor, constantly fine-tuning your dishwasher cycle.
  • Customized Wash Zones: Don't you hate it when those pots don't get the scrubbing they need in your dishwasher? Believe it or not, some new dishwashers even contain customizable wash zones. This means that you can set your upper rack to clean or spray at a certain level, and your lower rack to something completely different.

If better functionality isn't enough to persuade you to shop around, consider the fact that dishwashers are also more beautiful than ever before. In addition to sleek stainless steel paneling and chrome handles where plastic pulls once were, some varieties also have hidden buttons—so that guests can focus on your kitchen design.

By investing in state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, you might be able to enjoy some of the latest and greatest features, so that you can enjoy your home's transformation.   


15 July 2015

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