5 Unique Ways To Ensure That Your Home Décor Is One-Of-A-Kind

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Decorating your home is a great way to express the interests and passions of everyone who lives there.  If you want to make sure that your home décor is one-of-a-kind, you'll need to look beyond the store-bought options that are available to you. Here are five unique ways to ensure that your home décor stands out from the crowd:

Paint the Unexpected

Once you've got a handle on the color of the walls, consider painting some of the unexpected things around your home. There are a variety of areas where a fresh coat of paint can add some character to a room such as:

  • The cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • The frames of mirrors in the bathrooms above your sinks.
  • The door frames.

You can also brighten up your kitchen by using epoxy appliance paint on your fridge, dishwasher, stove, and other large appliances in the space. You won't be left with a painted look, but instead the look of a nice new factory finish.

Have a Wall Mural Made

Instead of painting all of your walls a solid color, why not choose one to feature a wall mural on? Have a professional come in and paint a scene from your favorite movie, a backdrop of the jungle or ocean, or a portrait of your whole family somewhere within your home. Perhaps you want to see the sunrise every morning in your dining room?

If you aren't comfortable having an actual mural painted on your wall, consider having the mural done on a canvas that you can hang along the face of a wall like artwork. This will give you the opportunity to take it down when necessary and to move it from room to room if you want to.

Put a Water Feature in a Common Area

Most people put their water features outside, but there is no rule that says you can't have one indoors instead. In fact, an indoor water feature can help reduce stress for everyone living there. If possible, invest in a floor model that can be installed against a wall. But if you don't have a lot of room, you can still create an impressive water feature.

Just use a tabletop water fountain and build upon that in a corner to create a unique display. You can add enlarged photos of your favorite nature setting on the wall behind your corner table and water fountain, and add some fun accessories such as a tabletop finger zen garden and some orchid plants for a pop of color.

Have Some Furniture Hand-Crafted for You

The best way to make sure that nobody else's home is furnished the same way as yours is to have some of your furniture hand-crafted for you. Custom furniture gives you an opportunity to design the look and feel of your coffee or dining table, bed frame, or other large pieces throughout your home. Just a couple of hand-crafted pieces can provide your home with an elegant look that is sure to catch the eye of your visitors when they walk through the door.

Use the Trim of Your Walls as a Photo Album

Forget the paint when it comes to trimming your walls. Instead, create a photo album along the trim. This can be done by putting together your favorite photos like a puzzle along the top of your wall to create a trim of your preferred width. Glue the pictures into place once you've found a home for them, and give them a few hours to dry.

Once your pictures are dry, paint over the photos with a clear acrylic paint to seal and protect them from moisture damage. You'll be left with a stunning photo trim that tells the story of your friends and family.

Get your family involved when you design the look and feel of your home using these tips, and each room is sure to include a little personality from all of you.


31 July 2014

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